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Lyria is working on a new album

Hello, Lyria Army. We are working on a new album and you can be part of it! Mixing different kinds of music styles, we developed a strong sound highlighted by beautiful vocals and catchy riffs. If you liked Catharsis you will really love the new album!

We kept the same essence from Catharsis: making music from our hearts. We hope our songs keep helping more and more people and we want to see you on the road with us.The album will have 11 new songs (their names will be revealed during the campaign).So, we hope you are eager as we are!

Lyria Immersion crowdfunding campaign

Feel free to contribute with the amount you want (or can)!If you can’t contribute with money, you still can help sharing this campaign. You can also follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

We don't have a specific date for the album release, but we expect it will be in March, 2018. We will keep you posted

Thank you very much for all your support and for believing! Hope to see you soon on the road.

With Love,

Lyria (all countries) (Brazil only)

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