Interview with Aline Happ for Femme Metal Webzine

"We really believe that music can change lives for better. It has the ability to affect our feelings on a very unique way. It can comfort, accompany, help to heal scars, etc. So, we want to pass good messages to people and make their lives and our lives better. I receive some feedback about how our songs make people feel good and how them help to overcome bad moments, for instance. And this is amazing!" Check it out the full interview on

Let's celebrate together! 10000 on Facebook!

We are 10K on Facebook! Thank you for all your support! To celebrate it we are offering some nice discounts and new products on our webshop.!webshop/c1ym6

Lyria - New video for Valentine's day

To celebrate Valentine's Day we are sharing this video with you. Hope you like our version of the song "Only Hope" from Switchfoot, more known by Mandy Moore cover in the movie "A Walk to Remember". Have a nice Valentine's Day and hopefully this message can bring you joy. =)

Interview with Aline Happ for Roadie Metal

Interview with Aline Happ from Lyria, in Portuguese. "Na verdade, eu escrevo sobre o que vivo, presencio e gosto de passar mensagens que as pessoas possam aproveitar para a vida; as letras falam sobre superação, conselhos, etc. Em relação a sonoridade, foi um processo muito natural – simplesmente fomos colocando todas as nossas influências." Read the full interview on

Interview with Lyria for Battle Helm

What does the future hold? -I hope we can reach more and more fans and help people through our music. Hope more shows and albums released! Check the full interview on

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