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Lyria 4th Anniversary

Hello, guys! Aline Happ here.

Today is the 4th Lyria anniversary. Time goes fast. Over these 4 years, many great things happened to the band and we are growing because of you. Your support keeps our music alive! Four years ago I was starting this project that always have been my dream.

In 2013, Zig and Eliezer joined the project and I am glad to have them sharing this dream that now is also a reality. Now we are also counting with two guitar players: Bruno Cardoso and Rod Wolf, you guys are great! I would like to thank also to my friends and family and to people that played in the band in the beginning.


To celebrate the 4th Lyria Anniversary we have new features on our website! Here you can find press, news, webshop, downloadable stuff and more.

On Media/Downloads, you can find our last videos Red is the Rose and Only Hope. You can also get the mp3 files of these songs. You can pay the amount you can/want for them.

We are offering discounts on our Online Concerts from 2015 and you still can get the tickets for the last one, March 26! We also have great signed products with discount on our Webshop. Hope you like it.

We hope that we can be even more connected and help people through our music every single day!

Thank you! We love you! <3

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