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Aline Happ

Celtic/Folk/New Age renditions of rock and metal

aline happ medieval celtic folk symphonic metal


for Solo Album

Raised: $ 6,561

Goal: $ 3,000



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Thank You!

The Crowdfunding Campaign was a success! Thank you so much!

The Album is coming this year, soon I will let you know the official release date.

Have you missed the campaign? Do not worry!

You can already pre-order the digital or the signed CD.

Expected Release: 2nd semester of 2022

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Signed CD

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U$ 26.99


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U$ 9.99





I am Aline Happ, the singer of Lyria, considered one of the greatest symphonic metal bands from Brazil. I have been trying to bring positive messages with my band and now I want to continue this journey through my First Solo Project.


Music has the power to make our lives better. During these hard times, locked at home and without concerts, I really wanted to make something to bring you some joy. So, I started my new solo project to turn rock and metal songs into Celtic/folk/new age style. I am responsible for all the production steps: creating the backing tracks, vocal recording, mixing, mastering, video recording and video editing. If you are not aware about it, I have been posting them on YouTube. Here are some samples (or you can go to my channel):